What is Steampunk ?

;”> Wikipedia gives us a very good explanation of the steampunk movement. Too long to copy it here but do some research and you’ll see. When I try to popularize the style (not the philosophy) I say that my steampunk jewelry is what the punk of the steam engine era would have liked to wear. Steampunk always has an air of 19th century science fiction/fantasy. Jules Verne is a perfect example, it is an Edwardian and even Victorian universe.
In contrast with the computerization, and the “cybertization” (:-D) of our time with its printed circuits and its chips, the steampunk universe is a universe of cogs, leather and steam machins .
My steampunk jewels are created from old mechanical watches t I buy on flea markets and dismantle to recycle their parts. It is always a pleasure to discover what a case hides and I really admire the work of the old watchmakers
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