Order YOUR personalized jewel

You can see and buy the jewellery I make on my 2 etsy shops and as I mentioned it on the homepage buy it directly with 10% off(before the application of the possible promotion on the Etsy shop).
You can also order me YOUR jewel, made according to YOUR wishes and YOUR imagination. Look at all the jewelry on salein my shops shops, look also at the category special orders, it will give you an idea of what I can do. Keep in mind that all that is possible is not there, so get in touch, call me and we’ll discuss it and I’m sure I will then make you the jewel of your dreams

franzainalsteampunk at Etsy

Dragon jewelry set

A customer had seen the bronze dragon pendant and bracelet with red CZ on my shop
She wanted a dragon set with green stones. We had an exchange of mail, she did not want a pendant but a necklace whose central piece should be a goldbronze dragon with a green tourmaline cab on a tourmaline and bronze beads and chain neckpiece. The bracelet was made of hematite, green tinted quartz and bronze beads, while a real emerald (treated : heated and oiled) adorned its dragon

Bronze & blue tourmaline ring

A client wanted a large goldcolourbronze ring with a large green-blue stone. I preferred to have her buy the stone of her dreams herself so that I could mount it.
She sent me a beautiful 19 carat blue tourmaline, an indigolite…