Large vegetal goldbronze ring with pearls

A client wanted a voluminous plant style ring with pearls. I created this ring with the intention of putting 1 to 3 freshwater pearls in it. I had several types of freshwater pearls in different sizes and colours.

I put beads on the stems and took pictures so she could choose
setting only 2 beads unbalanced the ring . It needed 1 or 3
which one would you choose?

Butterfly Fairy

the basic collar

I had made a small necklace with bronze butterfly fairy as center piece, mounted on freshwater pearls mixed with vintage brass beads.
A regular customer who loves emeralds I used on one of her necklaces asked me if I could replace the pearls with emeralds. Luckily I had enough left, they were treated emeralds of lesser quality otherwise I couldn’t afford them.
I had to enlarge the holes in the beads so they would fit over the bronze wire.

How to widen the holes

And here is the emerald necklace. So, you see, anything is possible! well almost….
And here it is …everything is possible!…..almost … .

Collar completed


I design jewellery but I am mainly a painter. After my baccalaureate I studied drawing and painting at the Lycée Masséna in Nice and then at the Beaux Arts in Berlin (West) from which I graduated. In Berlin I also learned the enamel technique from a jeweller for whom I did repaired the enamels on Florentine jewellery. There I also painted miniatures on enamel and he framed in silver or gold.
I am now painting miniatures on enamel again and Imake their frames in bronze.
I usually work on commission and from time to time I create some that I sell on my painting site.
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