v42Ez-050 Bronze pendant, meteorite- Goddess Freyja and flowers, synt corindon+rune Jera,

Bronze pendant,"1.5/8x"1.1/2, - viking goddess Freya and flowers, synt blue corindon cab+rune Jera on the back,+black leather strap

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Jera, Ger, Ar, Jara, Jer, Gaar
• Divinity : Freya or Freyr
• Element : Earth
Jera means "season" or "year", this rune relates to the cycles of the life. Jera announces the coming in due course of a good harvest if the good gestures were done at the right time. However due to its cyclic action, Jera announces however that it is only temporary, quite as the seasons which pass and follow on infinitely. Everything is in movement and everything returns to the same point because of the Nature's cyclic movement. Furthermore being connected with Freyr and Freya, the twins gods male and female, Jera symbolizes the mystic union between the Earth and the Cosmos.
This shape of writing of Jera is the one of two Kenaz which interpenetrate without contacting. Under this shape, Jera is dynamic and symbolizes the change which goes towards the fulfillment.
Jera told us that all which is useful for our progress lies within us. It is just enough to sow according to the rules
Jera indicates the end of a negative cycle in the knowledge of oneself, and the beginning of a positive phase.


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