Romantic enamel

I make several styles of enamels.
For my romantic enamels, on a “copper blanc” I place opal white enamel powder often surrounded by colour.I place small pearls and coloured glass threads which after firing form bouquets of flowers which are then mounted into brooches, necklaces, earrings, rings with retro charm


I design jewellery but I am mainly a painter. After my baccalaureate I studied drawing and painting at the Lycée Masséna in Nice and then at the Beaux Arts in Berlin (West) from which I graduated. In Berlin I also learned the enamel technique from a jeweller for whom I did repaired the enamels on Florentine jewellery. There I also painted miniatures on enamel and he framed in silver or gold.
I am now painting miniatures on enamel again and Imake their frames in bronze.
I usually work on commission and from time to time I create some that I sell on my painting site.
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