Beach Treasures-Pick of the Day

I went for a walk on Keraude beach to collect shells .
Here are my finds from Saturday and Monday. There is not much glass because in France it is recycled. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the purple mother of pearl bearded mussel but I’m going to be able to make some nice pendants with the pearls and oysters adding bronzes to them The pebble should be fine for a painting

After coating some amonias and an oyster lid with crystal resin to give them a wet look and strengthen them, today I used them by adorning them with hand-modelled bronze pieces and freshwater pearl cabochons. It’s really not worth buying south sea mother of pearl, , our Breton beaches are littered with treasures

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Anomia shell & Bronze

Amonia is one of the beach treasures

I took another walk on the beach of Keraude at low tide to make some beachcombing . I found more anomias, this shell is really a wonder, a beach treasure . I especially like the upper part, the lid (on the right) which is very pearly but fragile, so it is necessary to consolidate it well with resin.
These anomia lids are flatter, which is handy but they also have a hole for the muscle which is used to fix them to the brackets
Some time ago I finished a pair of earrings with 2 elements that I made in silver coloured bronze mounted on anomia lids with dark grey mother-of-pearl with goldish touch. I held the whole thing with black polymer resin on which I painted with bronze varnish. I also finished 1 pendant of the same style with a pearly grey anomia lid

Earrings and pendant , silvercolour bronze and grey anomias