Firing “accidents” become unique pieces

Silver coloured bronze (or white bronze) is particularly difficult to fire, or my kiln has problems and the temperature is not even. Besides, this bronze does not have a very wide firing temperature range

Left firing at good temperature , right firing almost at melt temperature

When it overheats , the bronze starts to melt and the result is mostly a ball of metal . But every now and then some of the metal starts to bead up which gives a very interesting look. These near misses become really unique pieces that I keep and sell of course.

Left white bronze that has overheated (I love it) right yellow bronze normal firing it would be the same with white bronze without overheating.

I have tried in vain to reproduce the phenomenon but it depends on the space in the kiln, the number of pieces firing, the location high up in the charcoal containers and I have had dozens of pieces lost for 1 or 2 such pieces.Besides, impossible to get this effect with yellow bronze or copper. 😀

Large vegetal goldbronze ring with pearls

A client wanted a voluminous plant style ring with pearls. I created this ring with the intention of putting 1 to 3 freshwater pearls in it. I had several types of freshwater pearls in different sizes and colours.

I put beads on the stems and took pictures so she could choose
setting only 2 beads unbalanced the ring . It needed 1 or 3
which one would you choose?

My last news

You will find here my latest news, the artfairs and artmarkets i’ll be attending , the shops that will sell my jewellery.
I intend to organize some workshops and they will be announced here too.
The French regulations for the manufacture and sale of silver jewellery are very strict so I do not make any for sale, however I know how to work this beautiful metal
Moreover, firing silver is much easier than bronze and copper and trainees can continue to work it at home without expensive equipment unlike for bronze or copper . Also I will organise silver jewellery workshops. If you are interested please contact me and tell me your preferred periods (anytime of the year) so that I can organise them, tell you the price of the workshop depending on the number of days. I will charge for the course and you will pay the silver at the current cost price as I will only buy the silverclay needed for each person and I will pass it on with an invoice.

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