z42z-014 Bronze pendant, meteorite-2 runes -Feoh & Uruz - , red zirconium

Bronze pendant, meteorite-2 runes--Feoh & Uruz - , red zirconium+black leather strap

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Feoh ou Faihu, Fé, Feh, Feo,
• Divinity : Frey, god of fertility
• Element : Fire
The first rune of the Elder Futhark is Fehu, pronounce " fayhoo ". Formerly, the number of heads of cattle was measuring wealth of somebody. Fehu sends back to the wealth, to the property, and to the necessary power for the preservation of these wealth. Thus, Fehu is a rune of power and control.
The wealth can lead to greed and envy, two human vices which arouse social divisions and inflict damage. Thus Fehu represents the wealth and the material abundance which must be shared to last.
Fehu is also the rune of the fire, of primal energy, o strength and power. It is also the first movement, the primal impulse which push us forward. Feoh is also the instinct of creation anchored in the depths of the human psyche.
It protects the beginning of a new project, emergence, creation, against health problem brings strength and prosperity.
Spiritual value : The secrets must be revealed. Any authentic system, religious or esoteric, has to teach openly to anybody who look for the Light of the Knowledge. Fehu is the rune of the pure energy, the one that we have to discover and channel in us to exploit it to maximum.

Uruz, Ur Urur, Urus, Uraz
Divinity : Urd, The goddess of past (one of the three norns)
• Element : Earth
Uruz the second letter of the futhark represents the Aurochs, dreaded and admired because of its strength, its long horns and its imposing size. The shape of this rune reminds the horns of the aurochs. Uruz symbolizes the indomitable strength of this primitive bovid, the infinite power of the universe. It is the rune of the inner strength, the perseverance and the energy. However its hooked shape has to incite us to think before acting. Receptacle of Fehu, which needs a nourishing earth to express itself, Uruz is in direct relation with the mother archetype. It the rune of the sacred power of gestation and of the miracle of life creation. It contains the intuitive wisdom and all the availability of the Mother and in a latent state : Love, vitality and strength. It helps to keep or recover health and strength and is an active protection or sensible advice, It is a spiritual symbols and sign of wisdom, the divine power opposite to the temporal power.


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