5f2p4-004 Miniature Kitten enamel paint on enameled copper bronze frame

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- Earrings can be adapted to ears WITHOUT HOLES

Hand painted miniature : enamel paint of akitten on a white opal enameled copper. You can wear it on a leather as a necklace or/and put it on a small easel
It needed 7 layers paint. Each of the 7 layers of enamel paint was fired at 770°C/1418°F.
The size of the enamel painting itself is 20x20mm
Then I set it in a self- handmade bronze frame . I made this unique frame in the miniaturestyle (cats lovetohide in the flowerbeds in the garden

Contact me if you would like the portrait of a beloved one, your pets, your house or anything you would like

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unique Piece on sale 120€ on my Etsy shop : https://www.etsy.com/listing/386565576

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