m46p1-029 little round pendant white and turquoise enamel with Murano millefiori

- jewel may be on sale in an exhibition,on an artfair,or in a gallery.When I sell it there, I desactivate it from the website the same evening. But it may happen that a client purchases it on the website before I had time to do that. if it is a unique piece you will be advised the same day and refunded within 2 days

- Earrings can be adapted to ears WITHOUT HOLES

little round pendant white and turquoise enamel with Murano millefiori on a black organza. Millefiori is a very old glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware. The term millefiori is a combination of the italian words "mille" (thousand) and "fiori" (flowers). The millefiori I use are created in Murano, in Venice/Italy by Effetre. I use them on my millefiori enamels They are melted at more than 800°C with the enamel glasspowder on the copper plates.

The pendents you see on the pictures may be already sold. I always make new ones but although the shape is the same, they are always a little different from each other The enamel colour can be different, and there are so many different kinds of millefiori glass. So please ask me to send you the pictures of the different pieces I have of this model . Tell me which color you would prefer, If I don't have it, I'll make some and mail you pictures within a week.

This enamel can be made in many colours, depending on which colour I have at the moment .
opaque or transparent colours : blac, white, amber, yellow, orange, several different blues, greens, reds, violets, mauve, rosa,


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