v42aX-032 Pendant Bronze meteorit & God Dagda, Fehu & Jera runes+green Czirconia

Pendant on a black leather cord : handmade goldbronze meteorit with God Dagda and a green Czirconia, 2 runs are engraved on the back : the Fehu run, rune of primordial energy, power, strength and the Jera run, run of self-knowledge for positive renewal

Dagda is a leader of the mythical Túatha Dé Danann. He is the "Father of all" and is responsible for law, right and order. He is also the Celtic forest god, the druid-god. "Good god" or "lord of the heavens," he is the Irish god of fertility, land and abundance but also of treaties and the lord who ruled over life and death. He is also the god of the arts, knowledge, magic, and music.

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