z93a-034 Unisex medieval-renaissance ring copper+ half precious stone

Unisex bronze ring for man or woman, middleage-renaissance style with a half precious stone (karnelian on the picture)


the métal :
1-bronze 1 gold color
2 bronze 2 silver colour
3 copper by default if you do not specify anything

the stone (6mm)
1 Pink Quarz, 2 Moonstone, 3 Lapis lazuli, 4 Tiger Eye, 5 Carnelian, 6 Labradorite, 7 Turquoise tinted Howlite,, 10 Hematite, 2 Amethyst, 13 Garnet, 14 Treated peridot, 16 Aventurine/8mm,
Not on the picture , 18 Red-brown agate, 19 dark blue agate, 21 Azurite(lapis+Malachite) ; 22 ruby red Agat/8mm

don't forget to tell me your size, the best way is to measure the circumference in millimeters but you can indicate the UK size or the US size
International Ring Size Conversion Chart
choos eyour stone


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