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z42z-032 Bronze pendant, meteorite-2 runes -Ansuz & Wunjo - , bue zirconium

Bronze pendant, meteorite-2 runes--Ansuz & Wunjo - , blue zirconium+black leather strap

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Ansuz or Os ; , Os, Oss, Asur, Aza
• Divinity : Odin
• Element : Air
Ansuz is the rune of the divine force symbolizing the divine breath which gives life. This rune also represents the divine source of the human being, who being added to Thurisaz made that the giant, an instinctive being, becomes a conscious self. This rune is confidentially connected to Yggdrasil, the Life's Tree of the World which connects the three levels of the Universe containing the nine worlds of the Creation. Ansuz represents the divine order, the stability, you can count on it in difficult times. Ansuz is also the rune of the dreams, of word, of teaching. It brings consciousness and gives us the power to control our life. It is the singing and the poetry which imparts an ancestral knowledge. Ansuz is also the representation of Odin, the one who received by his sacrifice the Knowledge of runes. This rune is imbued with knowledge and wisdom.
The wisdom can come from unexpected sources. The poetry is a sacred song which allows to get in touch with the divine worlds.
Wunjo or Wynn Wyn, Wynne, Wunna, Wunno, Wenne, Winja, Uuinne
Divinity : Frigg
Element earth
Wunjo is the last rune of the first aett. The shape of Wunjo is the one of the weather vane of vikings ships .
Wunjo is the rune of joy, pleasure, and also of the friendship. The individual has successfully integrate a group without losing his specificity.
This rune teaches to people to act with harmony, for their well-being. It is sign of the community, our capacity to live together. The life is strewn with sufferings and obstacles, this rune helps to take opportunities of joy and happiness when theyappear.


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