Ww3a-013 Wicca-Pagan Wand, Deer horn , rock cristal needles,Copperskull, hematite

Wicca-Pagan Magic Wand : Deer horn,smokedquartz point & facetted beads, rockcrystal needles, hematit and copper beads, Copper skullring . All stones have been purified with clarr water and sun. . Sent with signature and insurance. . Sent with signature

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If you prefer to buy it here on this website, send me a mail through the contact form , I’ll activate the file so that you can do it here

SMOKED QUARTZ It is called the natural stone of endurance which would promote serenity, calm, and positive thinking, would reduce tensions and would help in case of stress. …. And stress can cause physical pain and illness

HEMATICE It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It is very yang, balances the meridians and rebalances the yin. It would facilitate concentration, memory work, reflection and self-confidence, and would fight against all forms of excess and addiction. It also has a positive effect on anxiety.

ROCK CRYSTAL It symbolizes excellence in purity, meditation and harmony. A symbol of serenity and longevity, it has an excellent purifying effect to stimulate energy circulation and remove all blockages. It is an excellent meditation stone that protects us from bad waves and provides calm, balance and harmony, promoting intuition and clairvoyance, perception

Copper, an exceptional energy conductor, harmonizes those of the 3 stones


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