Ww2a-012 Wicca-Pagan Wand, Deer horn,Amethyst , rock cristal needles, moonstone& celtic Go

Wicca-Pagan Magic Wand made of a Deer horn, with beautiful Amethyst crystal and beads , rock crystal needles,moonstone cab and bead, handmade celtic Bronze. All stones have been purified with clarr water and sun.Sent with signature

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AMETHYSTE Celtic lucky charm, it is the stone of the spirit that invites total harmony, calms emotions, creates clarity in thoughts, and helps to achieve wisdom. It allows us to be lucid in a spiritual process. Its properties: awakening, sense of justice, inner peace, overcoming grief and loss, awareness and discernment, constructive thought and actions. It fights insomnia, stress and anxiety

MOONSTONE It helps communication by promoting clear thinking, inspiration or receptivity by promoting intuition and empathy and clairvoyance. It is the stone of psychic capacities that balances female and male energies, reduces emotional instability and stress. It is also the stone of the new beginnings!

ROCK CRYSTAL It symbolizes excellence in purity, meditation and harmony. A symbol of serenity and longevity, it has an excellent purifying effect to stimulate energy circulation and remove all blockages. It is an excellent meditation stone that protects us from bad waves and provides calm, balance and harmony, promoting intuition and clairvoyance, perception Bronze contains 90% copper, which is an exceptional energy conductor and harmonizes those of the 3 stones


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