b5fj1-027 Steampunk Klimt brooch, 3 jewels in 1(pendant-necklace) blue swarovski cabs & be

Steampunk brooch, diameter 31mm made of steelt parts, gears and workings of mechanical watches, black polymer resin and flat Swarovski blue Crystal cabs, the brooch has a safety clasp.

The brooch can be purchased alone (25€) but you can get accessories(+12€) that trans form it in 3 jewels in one , a pendant and a necklace according to your desire. You will receive it with

1 Pendant holder
2 - a black tube to hide the pin if necessary
3 - a chain adormed with sorted biconic swarovski beads
4 - a black leather strap

have a look at the picture below

unique Piece on sale 25€ or 37€ on my Amazon shop : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07P6ZSMLH

If you prefer to buy it from me on my website, send me a mail through the contact form , I’ll activate the file so that you can do it here

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