n22A-041 Elven necklace in gold bronze decorated with flowers,leaves & garnet

Art Nouveau, Elven necklace handmade in gold bronze, vegetal style decorated with a flower and 3 leaves and a dark red garnet
This one is may be already sold but I make you a similar necklace with 1 stone, 1 flower and 3 leaves, in gold coulour or silver colour bronze (no copper for the moment), you can choose the flower model among the 2 photographed and the leaf model among the 3 kinds of leaves
the cab can be a blue, or red synthetic corundum or a fine stone, the bead on the chain is a stone matching the cabochon
2 Moonstones, 3 Lapis lazuli, 4 tiger's eye, 5 cornelian, 7 howlite turquoise tinted, 10 hematite, 11 black onyx, 12 amethyst, 13 garnet, 14 treated peridot , 15 green agate

write your choice in the customization


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