v4320-089 Pendant: Copper celtic god, freshwater pearls, coppery anomia shell

40mmx40mm pendant- Celtic god Manannan Mac Lir Handmade in pure copper+freshwater pearls on a coppery anomia shell polished by the sea I picked up for you on the beach next to my studio. sweetwater pearls

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Manannan Mac Lir in Ireland or Manawyddan Fab Llyr in Wales, is the son of Ler/Lir/Llyr god of the sea. He belongs to the Tuatha de Danann (people of the goddess Dana), and is the sovereign-war-god of the Other Celtic World, the Sidh. He is its manager and master. He drives his chariot on the waves and in the plains, and his boat manoeuvres by itself. It is the sea god protector of the navigators. He has as much power as his brothers: Dagda and Ogme


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