v432-004 Copper pendant, meteorite-celtic god Dagda +treated emerald, black leather

- jewel may be on sale in an exhibition,on an artfair,or in a gallery.When I sell it there, I desactivate it from the website the same evening. But it may happen that a client purchases it on the website before I had time to do that. if it is a unique piece you will be advised the same day and refunded within 2 days

- Earrings can be adapted to ears WITHOUT HOLES

Copper pendant, meteorite-celtic god Dagda +treated emerald, black leather

Dagda (modern spelling: Daghdha, likely from Proto-Celtic: Dagodeiwos, "the good god") is an important god of Irish mythology. The Dagda is a father-figure and a protector of the tribe...

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If you prefer to buy it from me on my website, send me a mail through the contact form , I’ll activate the file so that you can do it here In celtic mythology he can be thegreen man. THe is a god of spring and summer. He disappears and returns year after year, century after century, enacting themes of death and resurrection, the ebb and flow of life and creativity. The Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain, The Green Knight, is a notable image of the Green Man from the Middle Ages. Gawain had a green helmet, green armor, green shield... even a green horse. When he was decapitated, he continued to live.


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