b4hx-009 Steampunk Pendant celtic Trinity knot, pearls, cogs, old pocket watch case

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old watch case, resin, cogs, pearls celtic trinity knot with leather cord

Steampunk pendant, steel pocket watchcase with a dial, cogs, pearly beads, celtic trinity knot in crystal clear resin on a black leather strap.
The word ‘Triquetra’ comes from the Latin for ‘three-cornered’ and although its exact origins are unknown, it has been found on Indian heritage sites that are over 5,000 years old. It has also been found on carved stones in Northern Europe dating from the 8th century AD and on early Germanic coins. The legendary Book of Kells, believed to be from the early 9th century, also bears the Trinity knot symbol amongst its other decorative artwork. It’s likely the Trinity knot had religious meaning for pagans and it also bears a resemblance to the Valknut which is a symbol associated with Odin, a revered God in Norse mythology.
In the Christian faith, the three points of the Trinity knot represent the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In its original form of vesicae pisces, it incorporates the fish which is a popular Christian symbol. Occasionally, you may see the Trinity knot enclosed within a circle as a means of emphasizing unity or eternity.
For Wiccans & Neopagans, the Trinity knot is symbolic of the threefold nature of the Goddess as mother, maiden and crone. The mother as a goddess is representative of creation, the maiden is representative of innocence and the crone is representative of wisdom. It is also representative of the forces of nature (earth, fire and water) and the three interlocking circles are symbolic of female fertility.

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