y63a0-015 Celtic Earrings little triskel in copper with azurit and teinted howlite

Earrings triskels in copper with turquoise and teinted howlite beads
I can make them in silver colour or gold color bronze or in copper too or/and use other stones, ask for it
1 Pink Quarz, 2 Moonstone, 3 Lapis lazuli, 4 Tiger Eye, 5 Carnelian, 6 Labradorite, 7 Tinted Howlite, 8 Dark Freshwater Pearls, 9 White fresh water pearl , 10 Hematite, 11 Black onyx, 12 Amethyst, 13 Garnet, 14 Treated peridot, 15 Treated emerald, 16 Aventurine, 17 Treated aquamarine, 18 Red-brown agate, 19 Ultramarine blue agate, 20 Treated rubies

A triskelion or triskele (which invariably has rotational symmetry) is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals, three bent human legs, or three bent/curved lines extending from the center of the symbol. Both words are from Greek "τρισκέλιον" (triskelion) or "τρισκελής" (triskeles), "three-legged", from prefix "τρι-" (tri-), "three times" + "σκέλος" (skelos), "leg A triskelion is the symbol of Sicily, where it is called trinacria,[4] as well as of the Isle of Man,[5] Brittany, and the town of Fuessen in Germany
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