a43a9-032Copper pendant, meteorite-Yggdrasil the celtic tree of life+aqua bluezirconia

- jewel may be on sale in an exhibition,on an artfair,or in a gallery.When I sell it there, I desactivate it from the website the same evening. But it may happen that a client purchases it on the website before I had time to do that. if it is a unique piece you will be advised the same day and refunded within 2 days

- Earrings can be adapted to ears WITHOUT HOLES

copper pendant made of a 37mmx37mm copper meteorite with an Yggdrasil, the celtic tree of life and a aaquablue s zirconia On a black leather

unique Piece on sale 29€ on my Amazon shop : https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0794H1Q2B

If you prefer to buy it from me on my website, send me a mail through the contact form , I’ll activate the file so that you can do it here


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