Some years ago I painted miniatures on enamel. For a friend who was jeweler in Berlin, I painted his clients'portraits who set them in silver mounts.

Then I discovered the polymer clay and as I did not know anything about metalsmithing, I painted watercolour miniatures on the ivory of the keys of an old 19th century piano . I set them with an handmade fimo frame gilded with real gold leaf and inlaid with semi-precious stones and pearls, I explainthe tecnic on the bottom of the page

Last year I learnt to work bronze copper and silver (I prefer copper and silver), I decided to start again painting miniatures on enamel to set them inself-hande made frames.

I make frames in bronze (white or goldy) inlaid with semi-precious stones then I enamel both sides of a copper blank with opal white enamel . I fire this enamel at 860°C/1526°F

cadres et  émail de base

Then I draw the first drawing with vitreous color , it is then fired 1 minute at 770°C/1418°F

premier dessin premier dessin

Then the colors are painted little by little, by thin layers, each of them is fired 1 minute at 770°C/1418°F

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The enamel you see here needed 7 layers of enamel paint sothey supported 8 firing

My old miniature technic

Watercolors on old ivory or mother of pearl included in an handmodelled polymer frame,

with half precious stones (grenats, softwater pearls, lapis lazuli ) and 18 carat gold leaf

Miniature portraits on order : yours, your family's, your animal's

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